The 50km event is designed for people who want to enter the world of Ultras and experience a whole lot of single trail bliss. It starts on Whangamata road at an airstrip which is on private land. Runners race along the airstrip, down some steep farmland before joining the wonderful Great Lakes K2K and W2K trails to the finishline at Whakaipo.

This event is sanctioned by the International Trail Running Association. See the details here.

Start time

10am at the Airstrip on Whangamata Road just past the entrance to the Great Lake K2K trail

Race Briefing

The race briefing for the 50km will be at 9.45am prior to the start on Saturday 12 October at the Airstrip on Whangamata Road.


Is available on Friday 11 October at the Wairakei Resort Taupo between 4pm and 9pm or from 9am on Saturday at the Airstrip on Whangamata Road (startline) on Saturday 12 October.

Bus timetable

The 50 km buses leave from Whakaipo Bay at 9am they will then drive to the start of the event at the Airstrip. Book your bus here. Please ensure you select the correct bus when purchasing online.

Aid stations

There are five aid stations for this event.

Aid station 1 11.4 km
Aid station 2 20.8 km
Aid station 3 26.7 km
Aid station 4 32.3 km
Aid station 5 42.1 km

The Aid Stations are stocked with lollies, gingernuts, chips, pretzels, sandwiches (peanut butter or vegemite) bananas and Oranges, water, electrolyte drink and coke. Fluid will be available in cups and water containers to enable competitors to fill up drink bottles or bladders. Aid stations are clearly marked on the course maps. (distances approx)

Sandwiches & Oranges will not be available at the final two aid stations (headland)

In an effort to reduce our footprint, we ask that you please bring either a reusable cup, drink bottle or hydration bladder to limit the use of disposable cups


All 50 km runners/ walkers will need to have a light for the final 24k leg from Kinloch to Whakaipo Bay if they leave the Kinloch Hall after 2:30pm. So either have lights on you, or put your light in your last drop bag for pick up at Kinloch.

Cut off times: 5pm at the Kinloch Hall.


You do not need a support crew for this event. Dropbags are available for all solo walkers/runners.

Drop Bag Kinloch Hall - 26km


Spectators can see their runners/walkers at the startline and then again at numerous points in the town of Kinloch. Those active spectators who want to cheer on their runners/walkers near the finish should meet them at the style at the end of the gravel road at the end of Whakaipo bay and run along the road to the finish with them.

Driving instructions From Taupo to the 50km race start at the Airstrip Whangamata Road (allow 30 mins from Taupo): Head out of Taupo to the Thermal Explorer Highway go across the control gate bridge and head up the hill for 1km. Turn left into Poihipi Road, travel along Poihipi Road for 9.7km, then turn left into Whangamata Road, travel along Whangamata road for approx 17.3 km until you see the event signs turning you into the Airstrip at 1654 Whangamata Road - just passed the carpark for the K2K Great lake trail.

50km statistics*

  • Elevation gain 1855

  • Elevation loss 2054

  • Single trail 89%

  • Offroad 3%

  • Road 8%

*Elevations sourced from Google Earth. The final event maps, distances and elevations are subject to changes as we finalise the course details and logistics.

  • %'s are approximate

  • Single trail = bliss!

  • Offroad = 4WD trails or farm

  • Road = gravel or sealed road