SQUADRUN has partnered with Taupo Ultra to provide a coaching and training package specific to the event.

SQUADRUN is first and foremost a running community. It’s a passionate group of people sharing their experiences and supporting one another on their journey to fitness. It is also a training system which delivers excellent ‘low-cost, high-subscription’ based coaching.

Beyond coaching the group enables SQUADRUN to access special offers, discounts and much more. All of this must be seen to be believed and countless happy ‘Squaddies’ are testament to the quality coaching product and complete training package delivered to them.


Your Coaches Kerry and Ali will develop a plan based on YOUR fitness and deliver a programme with intensities specific to you and your race target.

Every athlete is given 7 runs per week weighted by ‘Priority’. You then plan your week and execute your prescribed training in the same way you would were you being coached privately with the difference being it’s up to you to structure your week with the provided plan. The 7 runs supplied are tailored to your specific fitness so the right intensities are provided to ensure you achieve the correct ‘training state’ for each and every run regardless of your fitness or ability. You do not need to do all 7 runs. You set the training load (runs per week). Some weeks you might do as few as 3 or 4 runs. Fatigue will often be your guide however the plan will follow an easy-week/hard-week rhythm to help you recover, test yourself, and ultimately build your fitness.

Find out more at the SQUADRUN "Train-To-Taupo" page or get in touch with Ali by email.

Not only will Kerry and Ali be there to help through the journey to race day but we’ll share your success on the finish line with the SQUADRUN family and gladly help your family or supporters on the day. We’re in this together!

Unlike elsewhere there is no set-up fee and you can leave at any time! Injury, change of circumstance, anything.


Kerry has over 10 years competitive running and coaching experience. A two-time winner of the Tarawera Ultra Marathon and coach to hundreds of runners across Australasia. “Having learned a lot on my personal journey to fitness I now focus on applying my knowledge in a coaching and mentoring facility. I have a deep understanding of the science of training and a great desire to share this to the benefit of those that seek my help.”

Ali Pottinger has been with SQUADRUN since inception, she has a solid understanding of the mechanisms by which the training system works and how it can work for you. She’s an ‘every day’ athlete and well appreciates the rigors of training for the full remit of ability and fitness.


YES! This is a carefully constructed training system that determines exactly what YOU need to do to complete your race at Taupo Ultra. It matters not whether you are looking to complete your first race, or compete for a top 10 finish, the fundamentals of training remain the same.


Join the Squadrun team when you enter Taupo Ultra (or subscribe here) to kick-start your training program with an initial trial of 2 weeks of training for $29.

Once you sign up, the SQUADRUN team will be in touch with you to get you started! After your 2 week training period, if you like the program, you can choose to continue with directly with SQUADRUN for only $15/week(+GST).