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Where: Wairakei Resort Taupo, 640 Wairakei Drive, Taupo*
When: Friday 11 October, between 4pm and 9pm

Additional 50km registration

Where: Airstrip on Whangamata Road
When: from 9.00am on Saturday 12 October

Additional 24km registration

Where: Kinloch Hall
When: from 10.30am on Saturday 12 October


100km & 74km Participants

Where: Registration - Wairakei Resort Taupo, 640 Wairakei Drive, Taupo
When: Friday 11 October, 6.00pm and 8.00pm

This briefing is compulsory and includes everything you need to know including the all-important health and safety and medical info.

50km Participants

Where: Startline, Airstrip on Whangamata Road
When: 9.45am, Saturday 12 October

24km Participants

Where: Startline, Kinloch Domain
When: 11.45am, Saturday 12th


All competitors must get their complusory gear checked by the event team before registering.

All 74km and 100km participants must be weighed prior to registering by our medical team.


Where: Wairakei Resort Taupo
When: 4pm-8pm

Although we encourage participants to have supporters and spectators on the course it is not essential to have a support crew. On the course drop bags are available for all 100 km, 74 km and 50km solo runners. All participants can make use of the finish line drop bag service.

How the dropbag service works:
At registration you collect the appropriate drop bag label from our registration team. Then place your filled and clearly labelled drop bags and finish-line bags into the appropriate bin. Dropbags must be deposited at race registration before 8pm Friday. Please do not use the dropbag service for any Aid Stations where your support crew will be attending. If you have a dropbag at an Aid Station you will be asked to move it from the ‘unused pile’ to the ‘used pile’ even if you did not use your dropbag. This allows us to transport your dropbags quickly back to the finish-line once they have been used.

Dropbag Collection after the event:
Drop bags from across the course will be available at the drop bag tent at the finish-line. You will be able to collect these by providing your race number to our volunteers at the Dropbag Collection desk in the tent at the finish-line. If for you are not able to collect your dropbag from the finish-line on race day, these will be available at the Wairakei resort before and during the prizegiving on Sunday. Dropbags not collected at prizegiving should be picked up from 43a Matai St, Taupo before you leave town.


100km (see map)
Dropbag 1 Checkpoint 33km End of Hingarae Road
Dropbag Checkpoint 50km Airstrip
Dropbag 3 Checkpoing 77km km Kinloch Hall
74km (see map)
Dropbag 1 Checkpoint 27km Airstrip
Dropbag 2 Checkpoint 50km Kinloch Hall
50km (see map)
Dropbag 1 Checkpoint 26km Kinloch Hall


EventDeparture TimeDeparture LocationDestinationCost
100km* 03.50am* Taupo i-site* Whakaipo Bay (then on to 100km start) $40
100km 04.30am Whakaipo Bay 100km start $30
74km** 05.30am** Whakaipo Bay** Taupo boat harbour** $20
74km 06.15am Taupo Boat Harbour 74km start -
50km 09.00am Whakaipo Bay 50km start $25
24km/Pacers 10:30am Whakaipo Bay Kinloch Hall - 24km start $20

Book buses here

*This bus travels to the finish at Whakaipo Bay and then onto the 100km start (same bus as the 100km / 4.30am one above). Only use this bus if you want to be picked up in Taupo and have arranged for someone to collect you at the finish, or have alternative transport home after the race. Do not be late - this bus cannot wait.

**The boat to the start of the 74km event leaves from the Taupo Boat Harbour at 6.15am and takes you to the startline at Kotukutuku Bay (trip is included in cost of your entry fee and does not need to be booked).


EventStart Time Start Location
100 km Ultra Marathon run Solo / Teams 06.00am Waihaha carpark on State Highway 32 on Taupo's western bay
74 km Ultra Marathon run 08.00am Kotukutuku Bay*
50km Trail Run/Walk 10.00am Airstrip on Whangamata Road just past the K2K carpark
24 km Trail Run/Walk 12.00pm Kinloch Hall, Kinloch Domain

*Boat access only. Participants must get the 6:15am boat from the Taupo Boat Harbour - cost included in entry fee. For more info about getting to start location see the Transport page.


We expect the fastest runner to be across the line in just under 9 hours and the slowest runner to take 19 hours.

We expect the fastest runner to be across the line in just over 7 hours and the slowest runner to take 15 hours.

We expect the fastest runner to be across the line in just under 4 hours and the slowest runner to take 11 hours.

We expect the fastest runner to be across the line in just over 2 hours and the slowest runner to take 6 hours.


Where: Wairakei Resort Taupo
When: 11.00am - 12.00pm